Batching Plant

Automated Process

We have fully automated processes to ensure high end quality at each stage.

Homogeneous Mixing

The use of special high performance mixers is important for achieving humorous mixing of concrete and paroling high quality concrete product with the help of turbo twin Shaft mixer

On Site Lab

We have an onsite laboratory at plant with all types of equipment and tools to check the quality of concrete that is being mixed and produced is an important aspect of quality control in the concrete production process. This allows for the regular testing of the concrete and raw materials to ensure that they meet the desired quality standards and specifications.

Periodic Maintenance

Ensuring periodic maintenance of all types of equipment, tools, and machinery is crucial for the proper functioning and longevity of the equipment. Hence we ensure periodic maintenance of all types of equipment, tools and machinery

Quality Assurance

To ensure that the cement and related raw materials meet the desired quality standards and specifications, the plant typically has an established quality policy and benchmarks that outline the specific requirements and criteria that the materials must meet. These requirements may include factors such as chemical composition, particle size distribution, setting time, and strength.

TM Fleet

We have a large fleet of mixer trucks to ensure quick and timely delivery.


We have a team of high end professionals who customize concrete according to your personalized needs.

Batch Process

Different weigh-batchers are used for ingredients - cement, water, admixtures and aggreqates. Proper approval UNCIL excess (Lotus)